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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is the #1 condo lender in the nation.

Fairway’s condo department flew out from Madison, Wisconsin to survey and inspect our 2 Creeks project to approve financing while the project was being completed. It took 4 months to get through the approval process.  Other lenders do not have the bandwidth, resources, or motivation to spend that amount of time and money to approve a project for one loan.

Fairway offers a $2,000 lender credit for all 2 Creeks buyers.  Timmy Ostrom with Fairway is able to offer this due to the sheer volume and opportunity of being the lender for the entire project.  Ultimately the buyer saves money by using Timmy at Fairway.

We keep the condo questionnaire and all condo documents updated and on file which creates a smooth and stress-free process.  Condo questionnaires typically cost around $300 which is waived due to us having it on file.

We allow early occupancy in some cases if you use Timmy at Fairway.

Most lenders believe they can lend on this project and later realize that they cannot between 7-10 days before closing.  Timmy then has to come in and rush to close on time and always makes it happen.

It is so much easier and stress-free when Timmy starts the process and follows through to closing.


Get pre-approved with Timmy Ostrom at Fairway right now.

Reasons to use a preferred lender.

  • Historical Track record of Closings within your community.
  • Use of Appraisers that have appraised within your community and know the homes
  • Higher appraised values
  • The streamlined process of communication with Builder
  • Preferred Lender, Builder, and Title company are familiar with Builders process and paperwork,
  • Guaranteed on-time closing
  • Early access to the home.
  • Lender participation in closing costs
  • On-Site lender
  • 1-Hour Pre-approval times
  • Increased flexibility
  • Builders team has vetted the lender’s process and monitors each transaction
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